A Memoir of Yesterday: Wisdom for Today

Sonya Ware Executive Coach: LEADERSHIP & CALLING Founder of SeizeLife.org

A year ago today, I translated five handwritten tablets to an electronic format.  Together with Meller’s youngest daughter, Rene, the book has been edited and published.  The five tablets held handwritten precious memories that flooded the mind of a great grandmother over several years of her adult life. For me this was a most rewarding experience and the excitement continues to build as the work is now complete and published; and the initial book signing is this weekend, Mother’s Day 2017.

Last July, Meller proudly read an excerpt from her draft during a Sunday church service during a weekend family reunion in her hometown of Jasper, Texas.  While I wasn’t present for the reading, I know that the wisdom was good for the soul. The wisdom sprinkled throughout her stories is different because it doesn’t come with a high personal price tag. In other words, when we learn from the wisdom of other’s experiences, we become wise beyond our years and can be present to appreciate, and anticipate, the savory and the sweet parts of life. Enjoy some of the wisdom I gleaned.

If We Could Stay Right Here Forever
If you keep waking up every day, surely one day you will be able to look back with a greater appreciation for the earlier times in your life. There are times in Meller’s story where she is so happy with the simple pleasures and people in her life that in that moment, she thinks to herself, ‘I wish we could just stay right here forever’. Unfortunately, we can’t stay in any moment forever. And in some cases, we don’t want to stay in a moment forever! Practice appreciating the present moment as one that will slip away quickly after it’s done. Not an easy task but well worth developing a habit of ‘presence to the moment’. Once you develop the habit, you won’t have to concentrate so hard to achieve as a way of life.

Today is the Tomorrow You Worried about Yesterday
Human beings tend to worry unduly about things we have no control over. This is a distraction to living in the present moment. There is an old statistics that says, ‘99% of what we worry about, never comes to fruition’. Don’t lose this day worrying over tomorrow. Let me spoil the ending of the story for you, in the end, you win! Yesterday is long gone. Tomorrow hasn’t come. Today is a gift.

Create the Moments You Want to Have
There are countless strategies we could use to live our lives. One is to just let life happen, the other, is to create the moments you want to have. Who are the people close to you yet so far away? When was the last time you played hooky from your responsibilities, and had lunch with your kid? Or a movie date in the middle of the afternoon with your significant other? A few years ago, I had a special seafood lunch with my Mom and her two sisters. It was fabulous and the three of them hadn’t been face-to-face together for quite some time. Who are the special people in your life? Develop a plan to create a moment with them already!

Meller Lucille, Thank you! For seizing life by sharing your story and your wisdom with the world.  Nominate someone who is the epitome of Seize Life and we will feature them in an upcoming blog post. Learn more about Seize Life? https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=m6dNSj8XPOs

Sonya Ware Executive Coach: LEADERSHIP & CALLING Founder of SeizeLife.org